10 Anime Heroes Who Hate Weakness

Generally, anime heroes are depicted as protectors of the innocent and weak. This is in order to endear themselves to the audience as much as possible, especially if they have other character flaws to be dealt with.

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However, there are many anime heroes who get completely revolted by the concept of being weak. Whether training themselves so that they’ll never need help or lambasting those who can’t defend themselves, their callous dispositions and their obsession with strength reflect poorly on what it means to be a protagonist, creating consequences for the story.

10 Zoro Vowed Never To Lose Again (One Piece)

As the Straw Hats’ swordsman in the One Piece universe, Zoro takes pride in his position as the second strongest fighter. He is so obsessed with winning that he vowed never to be defeated again after losing to Mihawk.

Constantly training, Zoro bases his entire worth as a person on who he can defeat. His entire interests revolve around weapons, making him fairly one-dimensional. Nonetheless, Zoro’s penchant for combat is arguably a positive trait since he does not need to be incentivized for a fight.

9 Bakugo Torments Those Weaker Than Him (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia‘s Bakugo is known for his ruthlessness and determination. He views anyone who cannot perform to the standard he sets for himself as worthless losers, often lambasting them as such to their faces.

Throughout his childhood, Bakugo relentlessly bullied Midoriya for his alleged lack of a Quirk. Therefore, it was particularly embarrassing when Midoriya received One For All and began to outperform him. Bakugo is so obsessed with strength and winning that he threw a tantrum at the Sports Festival because he felt like he didn’t defeat Todoroki “in the right way.”

8 Satsuki Viewed The Weak As Worthless (Kill La Kill)

Lady Satsuki’s Darwinistic outlook on strength blurred the lines between hero and villain in Kill La Kill. She constructed Honnoji Academy based on how well the students could perform, with those who achieved reaping rewards for themselves and their families.

Although a meritocracy isn’t a bad thing, Satsuki’s view on those who failed to meet her standards was less than healthy. She saw them as animals in human clothing that were beneath contempt. This perception was likely since she needed all the strength she could muster in order to defy Ragyo.

7 Netero Secretly Sought A Challenge He Couldn’t Overcome (Hunter X Hunter)

As the chairman of the association in Hunter X Hunter, Netero understood that he had responsibilities. Deep down, he wanted an opponent who could meaningfully challenge him more than anything else in life. He quietly resented how much weaker everyone around him comparatively was though could do nothing about it at the time.

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When Meruem rose, he excitedly took the opportunity to fight the Chimera King with all he had. Correctly anticipating that he’d be overwhelmed, Netero gave his life so that he wouldn’t lose his reputation as an unbeatable fighter.

6 Toph Refused Help Whenever Possible (Avatar)

As a result of her disability, Toph’s parents sheltered her to such an extent she felt she had no freedom. This prompted her to act opposite to their wishes, becoming an earthbending champion and even joining the heroes of Avatar.

Due to the fiercely independent mentality Toph instilled in herself, she refused help from her friends and often expected them to pull their weight. This frustrated Katara, who wanted them to work as a team rather than a collection of individuals.

5 Asuka’s Aggression Was Due To Her Insecurity (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Asuka was one of the most promising pilots in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Something of a maverick, she constantly berated Shinji when he did not perform as well as she did and became frustrated when his potential eclipsed hers. This made the young girl extremely difficult to please or reason with, to such an extent that she had a breakdown.

Asuka’s attitude is a cry for attention, a product of being neglected during childhood. Regardless, she will verbally berate those who do not meet her standards and constantly flaunt her status as an important person.

4 Baki Dedicated His Life To Becoming Stronger (Baki)

The titular protagonist of Baki dedicated his entire life to become stronger. He wanted to avenge himself by defeating Yujiro and taking his place as the world’s greatest fighter.

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Although Baki mostly hates weakness in himself, he is judicial when finding flaws in others. For example, he sent a kid coerced into fighting him flying across the water. It could have easily resulted in a concussion. Fortunately, Baki made amends with the child shortly afterward and became a brief mentor figure to him.

3 There Was No Room For Weakness In Najenda’s Night Raid (Akame Ga Kill!)

Najenda was the leader of Night Raid in Akame Ga Kill!. Despite embodying what it means to be a hero, she was all about avoiding weakness within her organization. When Tatsumi got captured, he had two options – either join the rebel movement and engage in rigorous training or be killed on the spot.

Najenda’s methods were particularly brutal when considering that she expected every last one of her members to sacrifice their lives for the cause anyway. In that sense, Tatsumi never really had a choice in his own destiny.

2 Inosuke Was A Vicious Fighter (Demon Slayer)

Inosuke was one of the most unrelenting and savage heroes of Demon Slayer. Driven by his lust for battle and desire to improve, he nearly attacked Nezuko seconds after sensing her. Ignoring Zenitsu’s attempts to stop him, he was only narrowly thwarted after Tanjiro intervened.

Given how Inosuke torments Zenitsu and repeatedly attempts to provoke Tanjiro, his hatred of weakness is likely due to an obsession with his own strength. By constantly pitting himself against fitting opponents, Inosuke wants to prove his superiority to everyone.

1 Kenpachi Relishes The Thrill Of Battle (Bleach)

Kenpachi Zaraki blurs the lines between hero and villain more than any other Bleach character. His entire life’s philosophy is about enjoying struggle, to such an extent that he will deliberately handicap himself with an eyepatch that reduces his spiritual energy.

Zaraki loathes weakness and will not allow it anywhere in his squad. Those who follow him do so with strict respect for his chain of command and a willingness to follow his orders. His methods may be questionable, but the results Zaraki gets make his value as a shinigami irrefutable.

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