10 Anime Men Who Are Walking Red Flags

While there are plenty of charming husbandos across the world of anime, many of the most beloved anime men are walking red flags. Some of them are master manipulators who can charm anybody into believing them. By the time someone realizes they’ve been conned, it’s already too late. Others are just reckless, impulsive, and dangerously hot-headed.

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Whatever the case may be, these anime men aren’t exactly the ideal partner. Still, they have devoted fanbases. Some of them admit that these guys are walking red flags, while others see the red through rose-colored lenses and believe that they can be fixed.

10 Izaya Is Cold-Hearted & Loves Playing With People’s Psyches (Durarara!)

Izaya Orihara from Durarara! says that he loves humanity. Though this seems admirable, his love for humanity lies in the fact that people are easily manipulated. He enjoys getting into everyone else’s head and causing as much chaos as possible. He’s the type to start drama, get everyone fired up, and sit back with popcorn to watch the mess he created unfold.

Izaya loves playing both sides from the middle to inflame a situation further. He’s very outgoing and can morph his personality to fit any situation. He’s the king of backhanded compliments and mocks most people he meets. Izaya is incapable of forming meaningful connections because of his scheming personality.

9 Dabi Is Incapable Of Remorse & Obsessed With Destruction (My Hero Academia)

Though Dabi has one of the most tragic backstories in My Hero Academia, his trauma doesn’t excuse his behavior. He’s unstable, reckless, and obsessed with destruction. His grudge against Endeavor and hero society clouded his vision. He’s only becoming more violent as the series progresses.

After confronting Endeavor and Shoto during the Paranormal Liberation War, Dabi became like a ruthless loose cannon. He started indiscriminately burning people and throwing his flames around while cackling maniacally. He’s aware of his behavior but doesn’t want to change.

8 Sebastian Michaelis Is A Killing Machine With No Moral Compass (Black Butler)

Black Butler‘s Sebastian Michaelis is one of the series’ most popular characters. Though he has plenty of adoring fans, there’s no denying that he’s a walking red flag. After all, he’s a demon. He’s incapable of feeling remorse for his bloodshed and prefers to stand idly by as innocent lives are taken.

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Even though Sebastian’s supposed to serve Ciel, he’ll often stall and watch him suffer for entertainment purposes. He’s a cold-blooded killer who likes to attack his enemies in the most spiteful way possible, like when he kicked Grell in the face despite knowing that it was the one thing she wanted to keep unscathed.

Sesshomaru is the more popular half of Inuyasha‘s sibling rivalry. He has a visually stunning design to which many fans are attracted. Still, it’s fair to question whether or not Sesshomaru would still be as popular if his design were less appealing.

After all, Sesshomaru is coldhearted, poorly developed, and eerily calculating. He’ll cut somebody down without thinking twice and seems to kill indiscriminately. He spent most of the story feeling indifferent towards everyone except Inuyasha. Though he eventually grew out of his brutality, Sesshomaru is still a ruthless killer.

6 Joseph Joestar Cheated On Suzi Q (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Joseph was the protagonist of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency. Fans instantly fell head over heels for his neverending schemes, great sense of humor, and devil-may-care personality. Still, there’s no denying that the man is a walking red flag. After all, he cheated on Suzi Q when he was in Japan.

It was a good thing for the story since, if Joseph had never cheated, fans would have never met Diamond is Unbreakable‘s Josuke Higashikata. Still, it doesn’t say much about him as a person. Plus, he kept the entirety of the Joestar group’s journey to Egypt a secret from Suzi. Even worse, he skirted around telling her the truth about Holly’s health. Though he did this to protect her, honesty is always the best policy.

5 Makoto Is A Terrible Boyfriend (School Days)

Makoto Itou from School Days pretty much only cares about his partners for their bodies. He’s also a compulsive liar. He comes off as a genuinely kindhearted guy, but he’s far from extroverted. Others view him as a troubled, depressed loner.

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Makoto has serious commitment issues and can’t decide which girl he’ll choose next from his harem. Makoto tells them that he’s only in love with them and that he’d never leave their side. However, he can’t break things off with any other girl when another confesses to him. Some write this off as indecisiveness. Others rightfully call him out for being a selfish jerk who uses women.

4 There’s Nothing Attractive About Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

Hunter x Hunter‘s Hisoka Morow is one of anime’s most iconic clowns. He’s a well-written, bloodthirsty monster who only cares about his next big fight for the sheer adrenaline rush. While he’s an extremely compelling character, there’s really nothing attractive about him.

His obsession with Gon is bizarre. Plus, his semi-erotic reaction to the potential for bloodshed and fighting is highly disturbing and rubbed many viewers the wrong way. Plus, nobody likes a guy who’s full of himself and believes that he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

3 Oikawa’s Antagonistic Personality & Constant Whining Make Him Annoying (Haikyuu!)

Oikawa may be a great volleyball captain, but his personality rubbed a lot of viewers the wrong way. He’s antagonistic and likes to show off and constantly whines, much to his everyone’s annoyance. He enjoys making friendly remarks and then adding a condescending comment on the end to get under someone else’s skin. On top of that, he also gives nicknames to everybody.

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Oikawa thinks his behavior is cute, but everyone thinks he’s a nuisance. Oikawa is one of Haikyuu!‘s most universally hated characters because he can’t leave well enough alone. This isn’t enough to detract his fangirls — in the series or real life. Oikawa has a devoted following of people willing to defend his every move.

2 Light Was Abusive Towards Misa (Death Note)

Love or hate Misa Amane, Light’s behavior towards her was just uncalled for. He used her as a pawn and didn’t care how badly she got hurt. Even worse, Misa was so complacent that she didn’t even care. She knew Light was using her, and still followed him around like a lost, lovesick puppy.

Light has a serious god complex. Though he started out wanting to get rid of the world’s “vermin” and eliminate criminals, Light soon became a mass murderer who indiscriminately killed anyone who got in his way. As the protagonist of Death Note, he became one of anime’s most infamous anti-heroes of all time.

1 Eren Jaeger Has Always Been A Walking Red Flag, Even Before He Started The Rumbling (Attack On Titan)

Attack On Titan‘s Eren Jaeger surpassed the point of an anti-hero and became a total villain by the end of the series, but it didn’t take The Rumbling for fans to realize that Eren is bad news. Eren has always been violent and impulsive. He recklessly declared that he would eradicate all the Titans and continually led his allies into life-threatening situations without hearing anyone else’s ideas.

Eren never confronts his emotions, so everything turns into a huge rage-filled blowout whenever he’s involved. Starting The Rumbling just solidified him as a terrible person. He was willing to kill millions of innocent people to prove a point and obtain his twisted view of freedom.

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