10 Times Sasuke Was Utterly Embarrassed In Naruto

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the sternest characters in Naruto, hardly breaking his calm and broody self-image. Sasuke had always been praised for his talent, being one of the strongest ninjas in the series. Still, as powerful and collected as Sasuke is, even he isn’t immune to moments of utter embarrassment.

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Throughout Naruto, there are small scenes that humanize Sasuke, bringing him down from the cool ninja many saw him as. Whether it be serious or comical, Sasuke had times when he just felt awkward or humiliated. These moments helped develop his character, showing fans that Sasuke had his own flaws and obstacles to overcome.

10 Naruto Kissed Sasuke

One of Sasuke’s first scenes is also his most iconic: his kiss with Naruto Uzumaki. A jealous Naruto interrupted Sasuke’s daily brooding, glaring at him. Sasuke glared back, and without any words, they declared their hate toward each other.

Of course, Naruto fans know what happened next. Someone accidentally bumps Naruto into Sasuke, creating the infamous NaruSasu Kiss. Both boys were angry and embarrassed, but there’s a bit more trivia. In an old data book, Sasuke actually believed that Naruto kissed him out of genuine, romantic feelings. If the kiss wasn’t enough to make Sasuke embarrassed, his confusion over Naruto’s feelings sure helped.

9 Sakura Was Too Open About Her Crush On Sasuke

Although the Naruto anime downplays it, the manga shows Sasuke’s embarrassment when Team 7 introduced themselves to Kakashi. More accurately, when Sakura was introducing herself to Kakashi.

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Sakura continuously gazed at Sasuke, while talking about how she liked him. The Naruto anime doesn’t show a reaction from Sasuke, but the manga shows Sasuke blushing as Sakura talked about her crush on him. Understandably, it doesn’t make for the most comfortable situation when one’s teammate is gushing about them in front of their sensei — especially since Sasuke had just gone through a speech about achieving revenge on a certain someone.

8 Sasuke Wasn’t As Skilled As Itachi

Growing up, Sasuke’s older brother, Itachi Uchiha, was a prodigy who excelled at ninja arts and jutsu. At little Sasuke’s age, Itachi was already able to do the fireball jutsu. The boys’ father, Fugaku Uchiha, always praised Itachi, but he neglected to focus on Sasuke.

Sasuke tried to reach Itachi’s skill level, but he struggled to do the fireball jutsu. Fugaku bluntly stated that he didn’t expect Sasuke to be like Itachi, lowering Sasuke’s self-esteem. Sasuke really wanted Fugaku’s praise and hated being compared to Itachi.

7 Kakashi Put Sasuke Into The Ground

During Team 7’s test with Kakashi, Sasuke was overconfident that he could steal a bell from Kakashi. To be fair, he almost did, until Kakashi promptly put the young ninja in his place. Or more accurately, into the ground.

Kakashi trapped Sasuke in the ground, with only Sasuke’s head sticking out. To add insult to injury, Kakashi had also made fun of Sakura’s crush on Sasuke, mimicking her voice, “My Sasuke!” Kakashi’s test was quite the bruise to Sasuke’s ego; Sasuke thought he could make it on his own, but Kakashi gave him a wake-up call: Sasuke needed to work with his teammates.

6 Sasuke Didn’t Want To Ask For Help

Team 7 was training to use their chakra to climb surfaces. Well, mostly Naruto and Sasuke because Sakura was able to do so with no problem. Naruto and Sasuke kept trying and trying for hours to just climb a tree, but they both kept failing.

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Both boys were frustrated, but Naruto asked Sakura for advice. However, Sasuke was too proud to ask for help; he nonchalantly asked what Sakura said, pretending that he was only curious. However, Naruto caught on to Sasuke’s act and cheekily refused to tell him, upsetting Sasuke.

5 Itachi Easily Defeated Sasuke

After the Uchiha Clan massacre, Sasuke trained his entire life to defeat Itachi. Sasuke’s entire purpose had been to kill Itachi and avenge the fallen Uchiha. However, Sasuke suffered a rough reality check when he and Itachi reunited.

Sasuke declared to Itachi that he would kill him on the spot, but Itachi was uninterested in him. When Sasuke attacked, Itachi swiftly grabbed Sasuke and kicked him against the wall. Smiling, Itachi declared that the young ninja would never be strong enough to defeat him. This short-lived fight humiliated Sasuke to no end, as well as frustrated him. Sasuke’s entire life purpose was to kill Itachi, but Itachi demonstrated that Sasuke was barely an annoyance.

4 Naruto Had To Rescue Sasuke

Early in Naruto, Sasuke confidently stood against villains while Naruto froze in fear. Sasuke took delight in this, mockingly calling Naruto a “scaredy cat.” However, Sasuke wound up having a similar moment in the Forest of Death.

During the Chunin Exams, Orochimaru sneaked into the Forest of Death and stalked Sasuke. Orochimaru had a giant snake attack the young ninja; instead of being confident, Sasuke froze in fear. Naruto had to save Sasuke this time, and the blond ninja mocked him by calling Sasuke a “scaredy cat.” Sasuke got a taste of his own medicine, adding an extra level of degradation to his moment.

3 Sasuke Wanted To Be Stronger Than Naruto

After Itachi put Sasuke in the hospital, Sasuke lost most of his confidence. To make matters worse, Sasuke became jealous of Naruto, who had advanced as a ninja. Hoping to gain some self-confidence, Sasuke challenged Naruto to a spar.

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During the battle, Sasuke used Chidori and Naruto used Rasengan, almost blasting the other ninja with their respective jutsu. Fortunately, they wound up blasting separate water tanks, leaving a hole in each tank. Sasuke saw that Naruto created a bigger hole than he did, agitating Sasuke even more. Sasuke felt absolutely weak, ashamed that Naruto had supposedly become stronger than him.

2 Sasuke Had Trouble Bonding With Sarada

One of Sasuke’s most wholesome moments takes place in Boruto when he tries to bond with his daughter, Sarada. However, it’s also one of the most embarrassing times in his life. Due to the previous negligence of his family, Sasuke was completely out of his element. He had no idea how to bond with his daughter and resorted to using methods from the book Make-Out Tactics to help him.

Sasuke’s actions only irritated Sarada, who called her father annoying. Sasuke not only felt degraded, but he also felt angry at Kakashi, who lent him Make-Out Tactics in the first place. As mortified as Sasuke felt, he was incredibly father-like; dads can easily embarrass themselves trying to bond with their kids.

1 Sasuke Pretended To Like Jiraiya’s Book

In Boruto, Sasuke and Boruto time-traveled to the past. They had to keep their identities hidden from the younger versions of their friends and families. However, Sakura discovered a note Sasuke had and demanded to know his true identity.

Cornered, Sasuke didn’t have an answer. However, Jiraiya covered up for him with a humiliating lie: Sasuke was a devoted fan of Jiraiya’s Make-Out Tactics and followed the writer to Konoha. What followed next was one of the tensest situations Sasuke had ever been in. Sweating profusely, Sasuke went against his pride and “confessed” to being a pervert captivated by Jiraiya’s stories. Sasuke hated pretending to love Make-Out Tactics, but he managed to fool Sakura.

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