2K’s ‘quality of life’ change for BioShock is that Linux users can’t play it anymore

Recent updates to the remastered versions of BioShock 1 and 2, plus BioShock Infinite, have rendered the games unplayable for Linux users. The patches, which are called “Quality of life updates” in the accompanying patch notes (opens in new tab), only make two deliberate changes: adding 2K account linking, and forcing the games to run through the 2K launcher “which includes a Store to purchase new content” after they boot from Steam.

It’s the launcher that appears to be causing trouble for people running the games through Proton on desktop and Steam Deck, and which has completely broken Infinite’s native Linux build. The Linux gaming subreddit (opens in new tab) is awash with players angry that their once perfectly functional game has been broken by an update that only sought to jam yet another intermediate launcher between Steam and the actual game. The games’ Steam pages have likewise recently filled up with reviews decrying the update. Some users are saying they’ll simply pirate a pre-patch version of the game rather than deal with the inconvenience that has been pointlessly foisted on them.

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