Xbox Boss Gives Perfect Dark Reboot Update, Compares It to Bourne, 007

Despite concerns that the upcoming Perfect Dark reboot was in bad shape, Head of Xbox Games Studios Matt Booty has denied any issues with the game whatsoever. MORE: Gotham Knights’ Villainous Voice Actors Revealed Speaking during this weekend’s PAX West 2022 convention, Booty was asked about fans’ worries that developer The Initiative was partnering with Crystal … Read more

10 Minutes of Gameplay Preview Revealed

There are only a few weeks left for Gotham Knights, one of the most anticipated games of 2022. The open-world action RPG title is inspired by the Batman: Gotham Knights comic series based on the DC Comics character Batman and his supporting cast, the game is centered on Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood, who is tasked … Read more

Shonen Manga Should Be More Serious

One Piece is easily one of the most popular anime and manga stories, as well as one of the biggest franchises in general. This means that series creator Eiichiro Oda knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a great shonen manga. He’s recently made it known that he believes other shonen … Read more

Vladimir Putin backs foreign policy doctrine to ‘protect ideals of Russian World’ | World News

Vladimir Putin has approved a 31-page “humanitarian policy” which says Russia should “protect, safeguard and advance the traditions and ideals of the Russian World”. The foreign policy concept of a “Russian World” is a notion that hardliners have used to justify intervening abroad to support Russian speakers, such as in parts of Ukraine. It means … Read more