Buy Horizon Forbidden West on sale now for 55% off

Sony’s action RPG Horizon Forbidden West is being offered now in a sale too good to pass up.

The sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, which Digital Spy called a “huge upgrade” in its review earlier this year, is currently being offered at CD Keys with 55% off the usual price for just £24.99!

This offer is for a digital copy of the game only, and will deliver 25 CD Koins to use on future CD Keys purchases, but the offer is only valid in the UK.

Horizon Forbidden West is a hugely expansive open-world game that takes place in a world still recovering from a mass extinction event caused by a swarm of robots.


Horizon Forbidden West PS4/PS5 (EU & UK)

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The player has to survive encounters with creatures that have become melded with technology, while building a new world for humanity.

In Digital Spy‘s review, we referred to the game “the queen of the new-stone age” and particularly loved its unusual creatures — robot dinosaurs called Thunderjaws, spider-like robots, walking tanks called Deathbringers and metallic tigers, to name only a few standouts.

Don’t just take our word for it! Horizon Forbidden West has a 100% player approval rating on CD Keys right now.

The RPG includes all-new environments from the first game for the player-character, Ahoy, to explore, including underwater battlegrounds and the Forbidden West.

horizon 2 forbidden west


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On top of its innovative creature design and expansive world-building, Horizon Forbidden West features an incredibly star-studded voice cast.

Among the familiar voices you’ll hear will be Netflix’s Resident Evil star Lance Reddick, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s Angela Bassett, The Matrix actress Carrie-Anne Moss, Teen Wolf actor Geno Segers and The Lodge star Sophie Simnett.

If you are interested in this CD Keys, we’d suggest acting quickly because the sale will only be live for a limited time — and you’ll regret missing out on 55% off one of the most acclaimed RPGs of the year.

Horizon Forbidden West is out now and on sale for a limited time only at CD Keys.

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