Sasuke Manga Gets a Release Date

Sasuke Uchiha has remained a villager in the Hidden Leaf Village throughout Naruto, Naruto: Shippuden, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, with the Sharingan wielder changing astronomically from the first episode to the current war against Kara we’ve come to see today. While the last Uchiha Clan member hasn’t received his own anime series, a manga … Read more

Naruto’s Female Ninja Were Key to Its Success, and Key to its Failure

As with any good shonen manga, Naruto is well known for its wide cast of characters. The series’ female ninjas in particular maintain a large fandom almost a decade after the original series concluded. Unfortunately, while the kunoichi were an important part of Naruto‘s appeal, they’re also one of its biggest failures and a symbol of all … Read more

Celebrate Naruto Day in Wichita Falls With This Awesome Meal

I love food, so I may need to check this out. I will not lie to you. I literally know nothing about Naruto. The only thing I know about Naruto is the Naruto run. via GIPHY ^You may have seen people doing this before. That is because the character on the show runs like that…for … Read more