Fans recreate Pokemon Legends: Arceus in Minecraft complete with storyline, quests, and collectibles

A Minecraft server has been transformed into the Hisui region from Pokemon Legends: Arceus complete with a full storyline, wisps, quests, and more.  The KleavorMC server perfectly recreates the Hisui region from Pokemon Legends: Arceus, including the game’s storyline, collectibles, side quests, and more. As you can see from the trailer embedded below, this is … Read more

Why Immortality Is Such a Great Horror Game

The following contains spoilers for Immortality, available now on Windows and Xbox Series X|S. Sam Barlow’s latest full-motion video game Immortality offers players an entirely distinct experience. Piecing together clips of movies and studying footage allows players to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a leading actress. While the main story of Immortality focuses on this … Read more

Pokémon Has Taken Over My Life, From Games To Cards To Toys

Image: The Pokemon Company In my mid-40s, my life is so latterly being taken over by Pokémon. After falling down the Pokémon GO hole in 2020, and then chronicling its slow takeover of my spare time, I have since found myself the primary Pokémon GO correspondent for Kotaku. And now, as if that weren’t enough, … Read more

Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

The Law Cafe Episode 1 The Law Cafe revolves around friends that have been close for 17 years since they attended Seoyeon High. Jung-Ho is a landlord and used to be called “Monster Genius” of the prosecution. He’s a cool guy with a mysterious charm. Meanwhile, Yu-Ri is an eccentric lawyer who won the past … Read more