Collar x Malice Anime Movie Announced for 2023

Romance-suspense visual novel game Collar x Malice has just announced a film adaptation set for 2023 after its initial anime adaptation in 2019.

Romance-mystery otome game Collar x Malice will be receiving a film adaptation.

Announced via Idea Factory’s brand Otomate’s YouTube channel, a short promotional video of Collar x Malice has been released, teasing a 2023 release date. The teaser displays an array of red-pink flowers with petals fluttering around before smashing into a view of Shinjuku. Near the end of the video, a shot of one of the male characters, Aiji Yanagi, is shown holding a gun.

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Collar X Malice Is High-stakes Single-player Game

Collar x Malice is a single-player visual novel game that follows the protagonist, rookie police officer Ichika Hoshino, who works in Shinjuku’s special crimes prevention department. Plagued with a series of violent incidents known as the “X-Day Incident,” Hoshino is attacked by an unknown assailant and fitted with a poisoned collar. She must now work together with a group of former police officers, consisting of five men, to investigate the X-Day Incident linked to a dangerous organization named Adonis. Hoshino must find a way to free herself from the collar, or else she will die.

In 2016, Collar x Malice was published by the Otomate brand and launched in Japan for PlayStation Vita. The game was localized in English by Aksys Games and released in North America a year later. A fan disc, Collar x Malice – Unlimited – was released in 2018 on Nintendo Switch with three exclusive play modes that allowed players to explore the aftermath of the first X-Day Incident. A stage play adaptation based on the video game ran for a few weeks in May 2019, with Junko Kimura as the scriptwriter and Yuki Higuchi as the director. Following the first stage play’s release, a second stage play, along with an anime adaptation, was announced a month after by the official Twitter account of the franchise. But announcements around the anime have gone silent since then.

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The visual novel game is known as an otome game, a type of game geared towards women. One of the goals, aside from the objectives set in the main storyline, is for the protagonist to interact with several male characters to develop a romantic relationship with one of the leads, making them comparable to the shoujo and josei genres. Several otome games have seen anime adaptations, such as the popular rom-com game Uta no Prince-sama. The fourth season of Uta no Prince-sama aired in 2016, with the movie premiering on Sept. 2, 2022, and the fantasy game Obey Me!, which received 12 five-minute episodes in 2021.

Collar x Malice will be released sometime in 2023. The cast, director and studio producing the anime film adaptation are unknown at this time.

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