Dwarf Fortress Steam Edition threatens to make it playable for just about anyone

PAX West 2022 was in full swing last weekend, and for Dwarf Fortress (opens in new tab) developers Tarn and Zach Adams, plus publisher Kitfox Games, that meant it was time to show off an hour (opens in new tab) of the new Dwarf Fortress Steam Edition in all its unscripted glory, complete with imported barrels of crow blood. For those who know DF by its reputation as intimidating and hard to play it’ll be a real revolution in how you view this venerable simulator.

In the hour-long video, you can see a lot of examples of how the in-development game looks accompanied by the deadpan narration of the Adams brothers. They look over stuff like how easy it is to set up rooms, designate mining, and initiate trade. There’s also a good overview of the neat new notifications system for big events.

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