Evolving Pokémon GO’s Munna into Musharna

Munna was officially made available on the Pokémon GO platform on February 14, 2021, during the Valentine’s Day event when its spawn rate significantly increased. Interestingly, Munna is one of the last few Pokémon that came from the region of Unova.

Munna is a pure Psychic-type Pokémon and has a type-weakness against Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type moves. Boosted by Windy Weather, Munna has a maximum CP of 1294, and is strong against both Fighting and Psychic-type moves. Munna’s stats in Pokémon GO are 111 Attack, 92 Defense, and 183 Stamina.

The best attack moveset for Munna consists of Zen Headbutt with 13.1 DPS and Psyshock with 28.9 DPS, with this combination boasting the highest total DPS and also works best for Pokémon GO PVP battles. The best defensive moveset for Munna is a combination of Charge Beam 7.3 DPS and Psyshock with 28.9 DPS

Players can get Munna by either hatching eggs or encountering them through Raids. As Munna is a part of the One-Star Raid Bosses, it is easy to challenge solo, giving players a good chance to catch and evolve it into Musharna.


Evolving Munna into Musharna in Pokémon GO

Munna and Musharna on Valentine's Day (Image via The Pokémon Company)
Munna and Musharna on Valentine’s Day (Image via The Pokémon Company)

Evolving Munna is a fairly easy task for Pokémon GO players as it only requires 50 Candy and an Unova Stone to evolve into Musharna. Classified as a “Drowsing Pokémon” by the Pokédex, Musharna’s physical appearance makes it look like it’s sleeping all the time. Making nearby Pokemon suffer from nightmares, the mist from Musharna’s head can sometimes even make nightmares come to life.

While there is currently no confirmed way of finding a Unova Stone in Pokémon GO, players have worked out a strategy to boost their chances of getting it. Completing Individual Field Research Tasks once a day will continuously reward players with stamps for a Research Breakthrough.

Based on the rewards provided for the Research Breakthrough, players have a fair chance of receiving a Unova Stone. Pokémon GO trainers may not get Unova Stones as a reward in their first few tries, but many have reported getting the required stone using this method.


Musharna, known as the evolved form of Munna, is also a Psychic-type Pokémon. It has a maximum CP value of 3079 at level 50 and its stats are slightly deviated towards stamina with 183 Attack, 166 Defense, and 253 Stamina. Vulnerable to Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type moves, Musharna is boosted by Windy Weather.

Musharna’s best Pokémon GO attack moveset is Zen Headbutt 13.1 DPS combined with Future Sight 53.3 DPS, and the Pokémon is highly resistant to Fighting and Psychic-type Pokémon.

Its high stamina stats help in delivering great performances in PvP battles, but the moveset it offers is quite poor in comparison to other Pokémon. Lacking both Damage and Energy Generation, the move Charge Beam doesn’t do much and while Psyshock performs better, it is just an average move that lacks both damage output and energy generation compared to many other fast moves. While Psyshock isn’t terrible, its stats might be above average, but that’s about it. With multiple superior Psychic-types in the game, it may be best to let this sleepyhead Pokémon do what it’s best at: Sleep.

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