Goku, Luffy, Naruto, & Ichigo Unite in Epic New Shonen Jump Figures

The meeting of Goku, Ichigo, Naruto, and Luffy, is a dream come true for many fans and this statue is a great homage to the characters.

The four protagonists of the most famous and successful manga of the past decades, Dragon Ball’s Goku, Bleach’s Ichigo, One Piece’s Luffy, and Naruto, reunite in an epic figures diorama that shows just how crazy and awesome it would be to have these four heroes sitting at the same table.

Considering how popular anime and manga-related products for series like Dragon Ball and Naruto are nowadays, it’s not a surprise that a plethora of figures design studios popped up around the world, producing statues of the fans’ favorite characters and selling them through third-party sites. These products can be either licensed or unlicensed, so buying them can be tricky, but there is no denying that some studios produce incredible pieces that fans absolutely want to get their hands on. Figure maker 7Stars Studio specializes in “Super Deformed” (SD) statues of Shonen Jump’s most popular characters, often in unusual and entertaining poses.


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Now, 7Stars Studio’s latest product shows just what would happen if Goku, Naruto, Ichigo, and Luffy would sit down at the same table to play cards. The composite figure is called “J – Stars Disorderly War”, and the name perfectly encapsulates the chaos that would ensue if these four wild characters were ever in the same room together. Luffy and Goku are sitting at the table, and while the Saiyan looks at his cards, the future Pirate King uses his elastic powers to cheat, taking advantage of Goku’s trademark obliviousness. Naruto is standing on the table, throwing a card at Ichigo, shuriken style, while the Shinigami is ready to deflect it with his trusted Zanpakuto, Zangetsu. The scene is completed with many small details, such as Naruto’s frog-shaped wallet or Ichigo’s substitute Shinigami badge. The characters are gathered around a Chabudai, the Japanese low table, and sitting on Zabuton cushions, giving the scene a very traditional outlook that nicely contrasts with the zaniness of the characters.  The statue, which is 19 cm wide, 17  cm deep, and 33 cm high, can be preordered until July 11 2022 through specialized websites. It will be released by Bucket&Shovel in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The “Big Three” is the epithet given to Weekly Shonen Jump’s three most successful manga of the 2000s: Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece. All three had very long and popular runs and spawned equally successful anime, contributing to the rising popularity of otaku culture in the West over the past two decades. They are considered the spiritual successors of Dragon Ball, the most popular manga during Weekly Shonen Jump’s “golden age” in the early 1990s because the widespread circulation and recognition of Akira Toriyama’s work also contributed to making manga and anime known and appreciated beyond Japan.

This meeting of the four most popular Weekly Shonen Jump manga heroes, Goku, Ichigo, Naruto, and Luffy, is a dream come true for many fans and this statue is a great homage to the characters who have made the history of modern manga.

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Source: Bucket&Shovel

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