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Immortality is out now on Xbox Game Pass (Image: HALF MERMAID)

Immortality is the newest game from Sam Barlow – the creator of Her Story and Telling Lies – and it launched last week to critical acclaim on Xbox Game Pass, Steam and GOG. A found footage horror game, Immortality sees players searching through hundreds of clips across three fictitious films to figure out what happened to missing actress Marissa Marcel (brilliantly played by Manon Gage). Immortality launched on August 30 and is one of the best reviewed games of the year, boasting a 94 percent Metacritic rating for the Xbox Series X and S version.

Besides being one of the best games of the year so far, Immortality is arguably one of the best found footage horrors ever made – ranking alongside greats such as The Blair Witch Project, REC, Lake Mungo, Noroi: The Curse and lockdown horror Host.

If you’ve never played any of Barlow’s games before, you may be looking for some hints and tips to help you get started.

For those in that camp, is here to help – below you’ll find hints and tips to help you on your way to unlocking all 202 clips and figure out what happened to Marissa Marcel.

Immortality guide

Immortality is part of the new wave of FMV (full motion video) games, with the originals a huge part of 90s and early CD-based consoles – especially SEGA’s Mega CD.

Like games of that era including Night Trap, with Immortality you will spend plenty of your time just watching live action footage.

Players will have to rummage through an array of clips from three fictitious films that Marcel starred in.

These films are Ambrosio, Minsky and Two of Everything.

By interacting with what you see on screen you will move from one clip to another.

If you’re playing on Xbox, you can pause the clip at any time with the Y button and move into photo mode.

immortality guide

Immortality sees you searching to find out what happened to missing actress Marissa Marcel (Image: HALF MERMAID)

There are a huge amount of things you can click on. As part of your strategy we’d advise you interact with the following things…

• Main actors in each clip

• Supporting actors in each clip

• Crew members

• Any item in the background that you can click on such as ashtrays, fruits, phones, plants, etc

With the latter there is a huge amount of background items you can click on so we haven’t listed everything that you can interact with.

When watching a clip for the first time you may wish to focus on actors and supporting cast.

Then, when you get to a point where you’re struggling to progress you can look at past clips and select crew members as well as unique items in those scenes.

Another thing you can do in Immortality is rewind to the start or beginning of a clip and click on the clapperboard.

Repeatedly clicking on clapperboards in different scenes may help you uncover clips you haven’t seen yet.

And finally, there is one important thing you need to know about Immortality to help you figure out what happened to Marissa Marcel.

To explain this we’ll have to go into spoiler territory, and part of the fun of Immortality is being genuinely surprised by what the mechanics in the game offers so if you don’t want to ruine this then don’t continue reading on any further…


immortality guide

Immortality is one of the best games of the year so far (Image: HALF MERMAID)

immortality guide

Immortality is the latest from Sam Barlow and stars Manon Gage (Image: HALF MERMAID)


Still here and certain you want to continue?


If you’re really struggling with Immortality there is one very important thing to bear in mind.

Listen carefully to every clip you watch and when you hear some ominous music start playing rewind the clip.

You may need to wait for this music to play for awhile before rewinding, but when you try this out for the first time you’ll know if you’ve trigger what’s meant to happen or not.

Bear in mind also the speed in which you rewind can trigger something or not – so if you’re rewinding with the analogue stick and nothing is happening try rewinding with the D-Pad.

For those of you looking for specific clips to take a closer look at, VG247 and GameRant highlighted some specific clips you’ll want to rewind in their guides.

You can find details on these clips below…



12C 7/8/1968

18C 13/9/1968


33B 10/8/1970

10A 13/8/1970

17A 30/8/1970

24A 25/8/1970

32A 26/8/1970


Two of Everything

82 25/3/1999

26B 18/5/1999

37A 10/6/1999

It’s important to note that with the 17A clip for Minsky you won’t get the typical sound cue.

Watch the clip to the end, and then rewind the tape back using the frame rewind (i.e D-Pad) command.

Watch this scene play out until it zooms in on a man’s eye, then rewind again using the move by frame tool.

Once the scene changes then move the tape forward (going frame by frame) until the controller starts vibrating.

Then, rewind again going frame-by-frame and watch this final scene play out.

This clip in Minsky will not only help you get the What Happened to Amy Archer achievement but also the What Happened to Carl Goodman achievement.

Also, for achievement hunters it’s worth pointing out that Half Mermaid has confirmed that there are issues with one achievement unlocking at the moment and a fix is in the works.

This is for the Another Reality acheievement, while we ran into issues with the Minsky Assembly achievement unlocking.

So if you encounter any issues with achievements hopefully the forthcoming patch will address this.

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