London politics LIVE: New Prime Minister Liz Truss to deliver Downing Street speech after Boris bows out


iz Truss is set to deliver her first speech as Prime Minister after travelling back from Balmoral Castle where the new Tory leader had an audience with the Queen.

The former Foreign Secretary flew back to London from Aberdeen to take the helm at 10 Downing Street after Boris Johnson resigned earlier on Tuesday.

Ms Truss, 47, is the third female to hold office in history, and the 15th prime minister appointed under the Queen’s reign. The first was Winston Churchill in 1952.

Ms Truss is expected to follow her speech on Downing Street on Tuesday afternoon with a succession of Cabinet appointments.

Earlier on Tuesday Mr Johnson gave his final speech outside Number 10, highlighting his government’s record on Brexit, supporting Ukraine and the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

Mr Johnson, who joked he would now be “re-entering the atmosphere and splashing down in some remote corner of the Pacific”, said he would be offering “fervent support” to Liz Truss’s government during a “tough time” for households across the country.

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Heavy rain outside Downing Street as Truss due to make address

Unfortunately for Liz Truss, the heavens have opened outside No10, according to those assembled outside.

Ms Truss is now thought to be just minutes away from giving her first address as Prime Minister.

She will be hoping that the the rain holds off for her address, although it has been reported that there is a back-up plan of Ms Truss giving an address from inside Downing Street should the weather make an address outside impractical.

Here is a picture from the Guardian’s Aubrey Allegretti, of the podium being covered from the rain.


Conservative MPs begin assembling for Liz Truss speech in Downing Street

Dozens of Conservative MPs have begun assembling in Downing Street to watch Liz Truss’s first speech which is due in the next few minutes.

Among them are Jacob-Rees Mogg, Therese Coffey, who could become the new Health Secretary, Nadhim Zahawi and Ben Wallace.

Here is a picture from Lewis Goodall, formerly of Newsnight, and now of Global.


Podium brought out ahead of Liz Truss national address from No10

Staff have carried out a podium for Prime Minister Liz Truss’s address to the nation ahead of her arrival at Downing Street, in a sign that her speech will begin shortly.

Hundreds of reporters and broadcasters have gathered under umbrellas facing the door to No 10.


World’s media gather outside No10 ahead of Liz Truss address

The world’s media is camped outside No 10 as they wait for Prime Minister Liz Truss to leave RAF Northolt and make an address to the public in Downing Street.


Who is likely to be in Liz Truss’s new Cabinet?

The new Prime Minister is set to formally outline her Cabinet on Tuesday evening after an address to the public from Downing Street.

Among those likely to be in her Cabinet are Kwasi Kwarteng, who is set to be the next Chancellor.

James Cleverly, the current Education Secretary, is tipped to become the next Foreign Secretary, while former leadership contender, Suella Braverman, is lined up to become the next Home Secretary.

You can read more about who is being tipped as Cabinet members under Liz Truss here.


Liz Truss’s plane lands at RAF Northolt

According to flight tracking site, Flight Radar 24, Liz Truss’s plane has just landed at RAF Northolt on her return journey from Balmoral.

Pictures broadcast by BBC News showed the plane carrying Ms Truss making a landing at the airport to the north-west of central London.

Ms Truss will then go to Downing Street where she is expected to make an address to the nation setting out her vision for the Government she is assembling.

She will then set out her new Cabinet, with Kwasi Kwarteng set to become the next Chancellor.


Therese Coffey seen entering No10

Therese Coffey, who is reportedly set to be Liz Truss’s right-hand woman, entered No10 Downing St ahead of the new prime minister’s arrival.

The Telegraph is reporting that the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions will be given the role of deputy prime minister.


Truss is bound for London

New Prime Minister Liz Truss has left Scotland on a flight bound for London.

She left from Aberdeen International Airport following her meeting with the Queen on a rainy afternoon at Balmoral Castle.

She will return to England, where she is expected to give a speech at Downing Street later on Tuesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has touched down in London following his visit to Balmoral to resign as prime minister.

Liz Truss leaves Balmoral Castle

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Truss urged to warn of ‘utterly dire situation’

Senior Tory Sir Bernard Jenkin has urged Liz Truss to “level with the British people” about the “utterly dire situation” the country faces in her first speech as Prime Minister.

“We’re looking at kind of five horses of apocalypse coming at the same time, a perfect storm of crises,” he told BBC Radio 4.

“Not just the cost-of-living crisis, not just the energy crisis, we have state-on-state war in Europe for the first time since 1945, we have embedded inflation and the public finances are already shot to pieces”.

He added that “she’s got to prepare people, we’re not in sunny uplands”, while warning that the freezing of energy bills “is a short-term fix” as the war in Ukraine could go on for years.

/ PA Media

Sir Iain Duncan Smith turned down position in Truss Cabinet

Former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith has said he was offered a position in Liz Truss’s new Cabinet but turned it down.

Sir Iain, who was a prominent supporter of the new Prime Minister in the leadership contest, suggested he would have had to “give up quite a lot of other things” to do it and that he was happy to remain on the backbenches.

Sometimes in life you have got to figure out whether you add value to a particular job that you are being asked to do,” he told BBC Radio 4.

“It is all about what I can do and I am very happy to be on the backbenches for the moment.”

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