Moon Knight & Sailor Moon Crossover In Unique Marvel & Anime Cosplay

A cosplayer recently shared a photo of themselves sporting their Moon Knight and Sailor Moon crossover cosplay creation, which quickly went viral.

Moon Knight suits up like Sailor Moon in viral Marvel cosplay. First introduced via Marvel Comics in 1975, Moon Knight has recently increased in popularity due to the release of the MCU series of the same name, which introduces MCU fans to the hero. This Disney+ series follows Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac), a mercenary living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Marc is pulled into a dangerous mystery alongside his alters Steven Grant, a gentle-natured British museum shop worker, and the only briefly glimpsed Jake Lockley, also played by Isaac. Serving as an avatar for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, Marc’s mission is to violently protect the travelers of the night. And Isaac’s Marc isn’t the only popular character connected to the moon.


Sailor Moon is an anime series based on the manga of the same name that sees the adventures of its titular character, a schoolgirl named Usagi Tsukino, as she transforms into Sailor Moon. Usagi leads her fellow Sailor Guardians in an ongoing battle against villains to protect the Earth and greater Solar System throughout the series. Sailor Moon’s transformation sequence has become such a pop culture moment that it’s natural to imagine her transforming into other heroes as well, especially ones that also happen to be heavily connected to the moon.

Related: Is Sailor Moon Crystal A Reboot? Timeline ExplainedNow, via her Twitter, cosplayer @myladysprout has made magic happen, sharing a photo of themselves wearing her costume fusion of these two moon defenders, Moon Knight and Sailor Moon. Her costume features a full cosplay suit up as Moon Knight, but in the outfit style of Sailor Moon, with sailor skirt, pigtails, and all. Check out the post below:

This isn’t the first time Moon Knight and Sailor Moon have been combined in a single piece of art. While @myladysprout’s creation is one of the first crossover takes via cosplay, over the past few months, a few artworks have been shared online, which feature various combinations of Moon Knight and Sailor Moon. For example, one artist showcased what Sailor Moon as an avatar of Khonshu might look light in a fantastic piece of art.

While Moon Knight and Sailor Moon might be two totally different, seemingly unrelated heroes, their connection to the moon makes them intrinsically connected. It may be safe to say that an official crossover between Moon Knight and Sailor Moon won’t be happening, but the unique and creative take this cosplayer went with makes for a laudable creation and exciting thought. For now, fans will just have to enjoy the work of brilliant artists online to bring these fantasies to life.

Source: @myladysprout

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