No Place for Bravery, a play-playing video game from Scandinavian fantasy, was released for PC and Nintendo Switch

The pixel action RPG No Place for Bravery, which has been in development for about seven years, has been released on Nintendo Switch and PC. The Brazilian studio has published an extended trailer and animated video from Gurei.

Image from the Steamworks.

In the e-shop Russia – the game is offered for 1799 rubles, and in Steam and GOG – 499 rubles. Russian is missing among the eight languages supported.

No Place for Bravery is an action RPG based on a 2D screen in Dewr, inspired by Norse mythology. In the story, the ex-warrior Thorn left the quiet life of an immigrant and, along with his disabled adopted son, went to the rescue of his long-abducted daughter, Leaf. The game is made up of personal life experiences and experiences of the developers, and they call its central theme, role and responsibilities of the father, and the consequences of his choices in a turbulent world.

Among them, the creators highlight a sane mix of ardent beauty and racy in the theme of Sekiro: Shadows die Twice.

Of the last 16 on Steam reviews, no place for bravery has received the lowest score yet. Users note a beautiful setting, expressive air, intense battles with balanced pace, and flexible difficulty settings. In the negative reviews, most Chinese and Korean players are very concerned about the seriousness of controls and game design, such as the Combat System, and many other bugs.

In first media review (it’s no longer possible for people to rank with Metacritic and OpenCritic), there’s also a ambiguity in the rating. While the reviewer CGMagazine (6/10) described the whole impression as spoiled by the unfinished mechanics of the combat system. The author of the review agrees with him Polygonwho believes that the developers misunderstood the Souls series and the whole soul licking genre and therefore failed to make the battles technically fair.

The Gamer (3,5/5), on the contrary, took the combat system to the fumble and was awarded a unique story with an emotional dark story and an customizable difficulty level. The journalist COGConnected (83/100) liked the action role-playing game, but praised his visual style and compelling story.

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