Nvidia’s RTX 4090 4x performance claims aren’t holding up on current games

Nvidia dropped some pretty hefty news on us recently with the official launch announcement for its upcoming RTX 40 series of cards. The next gen heavyweight RTX 4090 cards are launching in October (opens in new tab), with two RTX 4080 variants also ready to go in November (opens in new tab). These big cards come with some pretty huge promises to match, like massively improved FPS when it comes to competitive shooters (opens in new tab).

Of course, given all this news comes from Nvidia itself, it’s to be taken with a heavy dose of scepticism. While we’re definitely impressed with things like the new modding tools to add ray tracing to basically all games (opens in new tab), and excited for those ray tracing processing improvements, (opens in new tab) it’s always good to keep expectations grounded. Especially around marketing speak.

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