One Boruto Romance Will Change Naruto & Sasuke’s Relationship Forever

Naruto and Sasuke are finally friends as adults, but Sarada’s interest in Boruto may turn the former rivals into real family members.

Few manga rivals are as iconic as Naruto and Sasuke, which is why it’s surprising that the two might just be made actual family members in Boruto. By the time of Naruto’s sequel, the two rivals have become close friends. Naruto and Sasuke even fused their powers during one battle. However, one romance hints they might just be getting closer than anyone could have predicted.

An important concept throughout Naruto is the idea of families, biological or otherwise. Naruto lost his parents pretty much before he was even born, but eventually found a new family with his squad mates in Team 7 and the other ninja of Konoha. This is why Naruto is so obsessed with redeeming Sasuke in the original series. While some fans may hate Naruto’s insistence on saving Sasuke despite his numerous crimes, it makes sense when realizing that Naruto views Sasuke as a brother. This metaphorical relationship then becomes a lot more literal with the revelation that Naruto and Sasuke are actually two reincarnated brothers. However, they may receive an even greater connection from their children Boruto and Sarada.


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Chapter 10 of Boruto is the conclusion to an epic arc where Naruto was kidnaped, forcing the other Kage along with Boruto and Sasuke to save him. After Boruto succeeds in saving his father, he’s met with a great deal of praise from his mentors and the public. Considering the praise, there are already talks of him becoming Hokage somewhere down the line. When he meets up with his teammates, Sarada immediately asks him if becoming Hokage is really his goal. Given Boruto’s issue with his father, he tells her that he’d much rather she be Hokage and he become a ninja like Sasuke. With all of Boruto’s confidence, Sarada is shocked to realize that she’s fallen for Boruto.

While Boruto might seem ambivalent to Sarada at the moment, the history of relationships in Naruto suggests these two young ninja are destined to end up together. A hypothetical wedding between the two could have huge implications, not just for Boruto and Sarada, or even Naruto and Sasuke, but for the entire ninja world. Since Naruto and Sasuke are the reincarnation of two feuding brothers, their rivalry was all but predestined. They might have since overcome that feud, but having their children marry would finally make them true family definitively ending the ancient feud which defined so much of Naruto’s past.

More than what it means for the series’ lore though, it would be fitting for both Naruto and Sasuke’s characters. The unfortunate thing though is that it’s entirely possible the two ninjas won’t live to see their children wed. The series’ opening hints that Kawaki will kill Naruto while Boruto’s latest chapters have hinted at Sasuke’s death. Still though, whether Naruto and Sasuke are alive or dead, Boruto’s potential relationship with Sarda could change the two ninja forever.

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