Stray Is The Top User-Rated PC Game Of 2022

Here’s all the news on Stray topping God Of War and coming in as the top user-rated PC game of 2022.

Stray Is The Top User-Rated PC Game Of 2022

Published on July 26th, 2022

With the release of God Of War on PC earlier this year, it was expected that the game would rank highly, and would eventually top the charts for user ratings. But with the recent release of the adorable adventure game featuring a feline protagonist, Stray has usurped this title from God of War and is now the highest user-rated game on PC.

If you’re keen to know more about this significant news and how it happened, then you’re in the right place. Below we’ll be looking at the details of how Stray topped God of War as the top user-rated PC game of 2022.

Stray Passes God Of War As Top User-Rated PC Game of 2022

Stray Tops God Of War As The Top User-Rated PC Game of 2022 rated as best game
Stray has been rated as the most popular PC game of 2022 so far. (Picture: BlueTwelve Studio)

Stray has quickly amassed thousands upon thousands of positive reviews in the very short time since its initial release on the 19th July 2022. These reviews were from both fans and critics alike, and the response to the game is considered to be a massive success, not unlike the success God Of War received when it was first released.

Stray, however, has surpassed the success that God Of War reached, and in an insanely short amount of time. This has gone to show that even the God Of War himself can’t compete with an adorable ginger cat running around a post-apocalyptic world.

As noted by a popular content creator Skill Up, Stray has now officially become the “highest rated PC game of 2022” on Steam. This information comes from the data gathered through Steam250, which now lists God Of War as the second best-rated title of the year, coming in at a 97% rating from roughly 53,000 user reviews.

As it currently stands, Stray has received a 98% rating with a total that sits just under 43,000 in terms of gamer reviews. Stray also comes in first by beating out not only God Of War but also the third runner in the race for the most popular PC game called PowerWash Simulator, a game popularized for the satisfying gameplay involving you cleaning objects covered in grime with high-pressure water.

Stray Tops God Of War As The Top User-Rated PC Game of 2022 popularity continues
As the popularity of Stray continues we will continue to watch the trajectory of its success. (Picture: BlueTwelve Studio)

As it stands, Stray tops the chart and for good reason, considering the game’s good word before its release, and the early looks at the game which had fans excited for its release. As the year continues, we will likely see the game continue to rise in popularity as more people of all ages give the game a try and as it does, we will keep you all updated on the latest Stray news.

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Featured image courtesy of BlueTwelve Studio.

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